Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wtf!...where is the Y up?!....!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

link to it : whats up?.... the autorigging tools are still under development, we are proceduralizing the wole thing so it will take some more time than i was thinking at start...

Anyway, tonight i have wrote a little Frame counter script , becouse the one that i was using before wasn't that good so : here it is...

copy and paste in the script editor or paste into a new .txt document and rename it to .mel :

AS_frameCounter.mel simply auto create two shelf buttons one to switch the counter on and one to switch off, the buttons will be created in the current selected shelf .

//Alfonso Sicilia
//Create FrameCounter
//Load and execute the script , this will auto create
// 2 shelf buttons on the current active shelf
//for switch the FrameCounter On and off .

textToShelf ("FcOn;", "headsUpDisplay -section 9 -block 6 -dfs \"large\" -command \"currentTime -q;\" -atr AS_CurFrame;");
textToShelf ("FcOff;","headsUpDisplay -rem AS_CurFrame;");


If you like it or not...let me know...